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radical antinormativity

“Unlike several of Reagan’s social conservative advisors, Posner and Philipson were vehemently opposed to any revival of the old public health tradition and its paternalist measures. In their view, normative judgments about sexual deviance or perversion were counterproductive to the smooth functioning of markets: as a quasi-market replete with shadow prices, the arena of sexual trades functioned most efficiently when it was free from the state regulations of quarantine or mandatory testing. Michel Foucault was one of the first to point to the radical antinormativity of the Chicago school neoliberals; just as they rejected the disciplinary and regulatory institutions of the twentieth-century welfare state as so many barriers to the efficient functioning of market logics, neoliberal theorists such as Friedman, Becker, and Posner were methodologically indifferent to the normative categories of the twentieth-century social sciences and their allied disciplines. They thus found themselves somewhat unexpectedly aligned with the New Left.” (Melinda Cooper, Family Values, pp.169-170)