inferential articulation and social articulation

“For information (whether true of false) to be communicated is for the claims undertaken by one interlocutor to become available to others (who attribute them) as premises for inferences. Communication is the social production and consumption of reasons. So communication (giving and asking for reasons) involves the interaction of the inferential articulation of contents that is at the center of the semantics presented here and the social articulation of discursive commitments that is at the center of the pragmatics presented here. The nature and significance of this interaction of the inferential and the social dimensions of discursive practice is a large and important topic. . . . As a result, the contents of the claims that are deployed monologically in intrapersonal reasoning in soliloquy must be understood as having been conferred by public practices of deploying claims dialogically in interpersonal reasoning in conversation. Meditation is made possible by disputation.” (Robert B. Brandom, Making It Explicit, p.474)


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