Monthly Archives: March 2017

chains of coordinated media

“Ideas are linked to the external landscape—concepts to properties and notions to objects—not by special meaning-giving mental performances (‘intending’), but by chains of coordinated media both inside and outside of the head, kept in sync by a motley of collection of processes, some purely natural, some involving deliberate activity. Mother Nature manages the connections between phenomenal states and the signals intercepted by the retina, but we play a significant role in arranging things, both inside and outside the head, to establish and maintain channels that carry information into the mind.” (J. T. Ismael, The Situated Self, p. 41)

between symbols and what they symbolize

“It would be widely agreed that current machines that are programmed with indexical-free (mathematical) language do not autonomously use or understand language. What is missing? Such machines do nothing to indicate that the symbols have any semantical, extralinguistic significance. To indicate this, they should be able, at least sometimes, to recognize and initiate correlations between symbols and what they symbolize.” (Burge 1979, cited in J. T. Ismael, The Situated Self, p.16)

embodied, embedded

“We are systems designed by nature to navigate a complex and changing environment; the capacity for thought that conforms to the Fregean Model is a consequential but relatively recent ecological development, one that parasitic on, and necessarily embedded in a context of, nonconceptual, nonintellectual interactions among the brain, body and world.” (J. T. Ismael, The Situated Self, p.19)